We are a full-service farm management company

At Nova Asset Management, we are dedicated to investing in and operating row crops, permanent crops, and dairy operations. Our approach combines sustainable practices with long-term investment strategies to deliver profitable crops to the global market while ensuring strong financial returns.

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Meet our Founders

A modern, sustainable farming company, powered by a top-tier agricultural team with a combined 75 years in farm and asset management.

Our Services

Nova Asset Management specializes in a diverse range of agricultural sectors, specializing in row crops, permanent crops, and dairy operations. Our expertise extends to providing consultation and execution services, where we offer expert guidance and implement strategic farm plans tailored to each unique operation.

In the complex world of water policy, our team excels in Water Rights Management, ensuring our clients navigate these intricacies with ease. When it comes to Asset Stress Management, our skilled professionals are adept in receivership and managing stressed assets, ensuring stability and progress.

Establishing and maintaining profitable Offtake Agreements is another area where we shine, ensuring our clients’ profitability is sustained and enhanced. Our Financial and Risk Management services are geared towards providing prudent and strategic advice, helping clients make informed decisions for their financial well-being. Additionally, our expertise in Debt Advisory and Placement offers comprehensive solutions for effective debt management, ensuring our clients’ financial health and long-term success.

Consultation and Execution

Expert Guidance and implementation of strategic farm plans.

Water Rights Management

Navigating the complexities of water policy.

Distressed asset management

Experienced in receivership and adept at handling challenging financial portfolios.

Asset management

Comprehensive management of agricultural assets to maximize value and sustainability.

Offtake and Crop Sale Agreements

Establishing and maintaining profitable agreements.

Financial and Risk Management

Offering prudent financial and risk advice.

Debt Advisory and Placement

Expert debt management solutions.

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